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Pickleball at Dover Coast


Dover Coast now has the fastest growing sport in North America: Pickleball.  It is a sport played on a surface similar to tennis with a net similar to tennis, a court size similar to badminton, a wiffle ball and paddles similar to ping pong.  It’s fast, social and takes about 45 minutes to play a match with 2 people playing 2 others.

Prior to gaining court access, you first must register at the Pro Shop.  While playing, be sure to use the rotation board, ensuring everyone gets a chance to play.  And finally, be sure to be familiar with the court usage rules.

The courts will be open daily from 7 am until dusk during the active season.


Weekly Calendar

Day Hours
Sunday 7am - close
Monday 7am - close
Tuesday 7am - close
Wednesday 7am - close
Thursday 7am - close
Friday 7am - close
Saturday 7am - close